Ramona is and is not a production house. They do what producers do, and do it exceptionally good, but in their office you can’t see any of the typical dynamics that a production house used to have in the “cool” age. There are no people running with a phone on each hand, afraid of losing a client, nor assistants hiding in the bathroom for crying or throwing up. There are no dictators or subordinates. The idea is to finish each process with a first level audiovisual product, which also hadn’t caused unhappiness in nobody during each stage of its production. And that is a difficult challenge because, in the contemporary world, the end justifies the means. We believe that the general joy that we can have in the process will be noticed in the final product. That the love from each one of us, spent on each work, echoes in each viewer. And that’s why our bonds with the agencies last for so long, based in long-term trust. The creative directors and producers turn into our friends that will let us know if someday we start behaving in a “cool” way.
Pablo Casacuberta

It may sound like a cliché, but we really like working with Ramona because we feel it part of us. Ramona gets involved, discusses, looks for solutions and answers, giving an extra value to all the project phases while adding good vibes to everything they do. It unfolds and folds to become a real support, which gives us confidence that the final product will exceed expectations. We truly enjoy working with them.
Javier Reyes
CEO Punto 99

Filming with Ramona is a very gratifying experience. Their human spirit eliminates barriers and frontiers, generating a universal production language that enriches the working process. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I’m always waiting for an opportunity to go back to Quito and create something new with this amazing production house in which I feel like home.
Sebastián Sigal