Maria Celeste has been working telling stories either short or long length of time. She was assistant directory for many years in publicity, art and TV. She has been influenced by directors such as Andy Forgwill, Agustin Alberdi, Juan Campanella, Edi Flehner, Los Rosca, Camilo Antolini, Wino, among others. Furthermore, she has been involved creatively in many projects working with key partners such as Tronco, laudable, Rebolucion, LND, Primo Chile, Cueca Chile, Landia La, Whiskey Mexico , and even more that could be mentioned! The treatments are one her strong talents. As director she dares herself to find out new experiences constantly, which help her have a variety of reels in her advertisement spots, short-length documentaries and musical videos. She claims to be a folk with a free soul and passion to overcome new challenges.